Three Day Ancient Wisdom & Healing Retreat

You are invited to Veracruz, Mexico, May 2 - 5th. 2024

Join us on a ritualistic journey, inside of your blocks and fears, so that you can access deep healing, emotional release and a clear focused direction in your life.

This deeply healing experience is for you if...

You are feeling stuck and searching fo more meaning in your life

You are lacking the connection that you desire 

You know that you are meant to create and be more

You are experiencing negative emotions such as anxiety, fear or depression

Your way of feeling better or releasing is by distracting yourself from what you feel or sedating with antidepressants, drugs/alcohol, tv, ect.

This is a four-day all inclusive retreat at Mare Nostrum

Inner Child Healing • Yin Yoga • Somatic Experiencing • Connection with Nature • Meditation • Energy Healing • Emotional Release • Bio Energetic Techniques • Shamanic Healing Traditions • Yoga Nidra • Connection to Your Soul Path

This experience will include all of the grounding elements of nature through traditional shamanic practices. 

 Together we will evoke your bodies innate wisdom to stimulate your natural ability to heal. 

 You will feel deeply supported and guided through different workshops, featuring a variety of modalities that will guide you to the peace and fulfillment that you have been searching for.  

This is a sacred container created to allow you to deeply connect with yourself and your inner child 

Enjoy a one of a kind, ocean side room at our exclusive venue

Dinner Thrusday and all meals on Fri, Sat & Sunday are included 

Heal with community workshops, meditation, classes and ceremonies

Receive a journaling workbook to ground you through this journey 

All of this at beautiful, remote ocean front hotel

Three days to reconnect with your soul and heal the patterns that are holding you back from living to your fullest potiential 

A deeper look at this all inclusive experience:

🌒 Bring your biggest struggles to this experience and watch them transmute through your body, emotions, bringing self realization into your external manifestations

🐚 Discover how to consciously embody your divine feminine and masculine energy through ritual and practical application

🪺 The 5 deep dive workshops will help you heal the core wounds that are holding you back from connecting with your true, authentic self and feeling more love in your relationships

💫 Step into your fullest potential greatest expansion, through interactive modalities, emotional healing and deep journeys in to your subconscious

🌴 Leave this experience leaving your victim mentality behind, feeling more grounded, connected with your body, focused and clear about your future

It takes courage to see what's under our toxic traits, it takes courage to go back to sustain the wounded child and face once and for all what we have been running away from for so many years.

We want you to know that you are not a victim to your circumstances, you can create an incredible life of freedom. It all starts here!

Allow yourself to receive the support of two experienced, loving high vibe guides and the collective energy and synergy of the group ceremony experience

Awake the life force energy that lives inside of you

Your Host's Kate and Karla

Kate, the sun worshiping Inner Beauty Expert and founder of Kate in Paradise, supports her clients in embodying their potential and power. so that they can live their soul’s purpose.

Kate lives a location free life that is supported by her soul aligned online business. She has been practicing Yoga for 23 years, studying nutrition for 22 years and has been a certified health coach for over a decade. She started teaching energy healing, mediation and yoga nidra 10 years ago and has been guiding her clients to inner freedom ever since.
In her programs, meditations and workshops she inspires others to follow their inner guidance so that they can find a deeper connection to truth. Kate’s effortless ability to channel life source energy, her enthusiasm and wisdom supports her clients in creating their own meaningful, authentic Paradise! 

Karla, Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, is founder of Ancestral Psychotherapy and is also an ancestral ceremonial space holder. She Is deeply passionate about helping others reconnect and dive into themselves to release all energies holding them back from their truest expression.  

Her deep knowledge in the areas of somatic healing, combined with her love for nature and ancient healing traditions, allowed her to develop and transmit unique methods to promote connection with inner wisdom, self-awareness and healing from psychological trauma.

Certified in Body Psychotherapy and TBM Technique, Karla has been devoted to creating a sacred, safe container, assisting individuals for more than 10 years in one on one sessions, group therapies and workshops to embody their emotions, blossom through self acceptance, love and empowerment. 

Karla´s sensitivity has led her to become an activist in the preservation and awareness of wild and native bees by personally rescuing bee hives from the city and holding a sanctuary in nature where they can continue living freely. You can follow her rescuing adventures in FB and IG: Rescate De Abejas Veracruz Puerto.

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Cancelation policy: Deposits are non-refundable. If you can not attend for some reason you can give your reserved spot to someone else. You must contact the hosts and let us know about the change by October 30th, 2023. 
 Please contact Kate on WhatsApp at +1 206 321 6323 with any questions

The 3 day retreat pass experience includes:
  • ​Seven catered healthy, high vibe meals
  • ​Community connection through ceremony, sharing and group creative expression
  • ​Sacred cacao ceremony and inner child healing and emotional release  workshop
  •  Energy healing and integration workshop
  • ​Somatic Experiencing and bio energetics techniques workshop
  • ​Shamanic healing  traditional Temezcal experience 
  • Deep meditation and yoga nidra experience with sound healing 
  • Beach sunrise meditation and sun gazzing experience 
  • ​Gentle, all levels yin yoga practice to activate your connection with your true self
  • ​A workbook, journaling experience to guide you through this sacred process
  • ​A deep healing spiritual jouney that will allow you to connect with your true self 
Everything above included for only $598 per person (3 nights ocean side shared accomidation)

Everything above included $388 (with out accomidation)

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of $265 by Nov 1st

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