Beach Babe Monthly Membership 
Feel lighter, more energized and totally supported.
This is an on going live program that will give you the tools and education to have the BODY LOVE you want.
Receive personalized health coaching in a group setting.   
Learn how to listen to your natural cycles and eat for your unique body type.
Discover how to boost your metabolism,  so that you can feel energized and expansive at any age!
New workouts, yoga, trainings, stress reduction and mind set tips every week!
What is BEACH BABE is all about?  
When I am offered food that doesn't feel healthy or look organic, I always decline often with the excuse that I am working on my beach body. 
It's kind of a joke, but it also is pretty much my reality. 
Years of living in Hawaii made the idea of a beach body not just a goal, but a way of life.  
Spending hours every week in a bikini, I became more comfortable in my body than I had ever been. 
I realized that a BEACH BODY is not something to be achieved but instead a way that you feel in your own skin. 
Beach body is a relaxed state of self acceptance and self love.
This was my inspiration for BEACH BABE a monthly membership for woman who are ready to own their self worth, love their body and live their PARADISE.  
A place where I can share all the tools and resources that helped me step into my state of beach body inside and out!
I am going to share everything in this VIP membership, weekly trainings, yoga practices, work outs recipes and mindset tools.
It will be like having a personal trainer, health coach and cheer leader around the clock. 
Plus the community of other woman that have the same goal of committing to their health and becoming the most beautiful healthy versions of themselves! 
Right now I am inspired to welcome as many women as possible into this space for an extremely low investment. 
The price will be tripling very soon, so do miss this chance. 
I am committing to my health in a whole new way in 2019 and I want to take you on this journey with me. 
I see you shining!
What you will receive:
Weekly content inside of a private community, organized by units
Live trainings, healthy recipes, work out videos, yoga classes and workshops
A safe place to ask all of your questions
 Health coaching, a community and year round support
Access to cleanses, challenges and discounts on all my programs and workshops.
For a very limited time only $25 a month!
The secret to feeling confident and beautiful in your body year round! 
Feeling healthy and inspired can be EASY!  Let me show you how!
Are you ready to LOVE YOUR BODY!
Feel amazing in your skin.
Know that you are sexy and unstoppable.
Understand that yes you can have it all, the body and the life of your dreams!

If this sounds like what you want, then I can't wait to see you inside the membership. 
For a limited time all of this support and education for only $25 a month

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