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Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...
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The QUANTUM OCEANS questionnair so we can deep dive into your limiting beliefs and start reprogramming

The CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM workbook to guide you through the 6 month process 

6 Monthly Structured Zoom Masterminds to cover these topics and share our unique awarenesses 

6 Monthly Private Coaching calls to go deeper (7 if you enroll before March 25)

6 customized Quantum Oceans Audios (7 if you enroll before March 25)

Quantum oceans workbook to help you embody new beliefs about Freedom 

The price is going up on March 21st

When you join before March 25th you receive a bonus call and a bonus audio  
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Bring your vision in to fruition following a six step process that eliminates self sabotage, procrastination and blocks!

Discover how to build a tangible freedom strategy for your unique desires and life 

Bringing your nervous system and your subconscious mind into alignment with this new reality that you are creating 

Learn how to believe that your freedom is possible

Client Testimonial
I feel more expansive and less tributary to outside circumstances of my life.  I feel overall more rested and relaxed, aware, connected to my soul and intuition, creative, lighter in body.  I have gained knowledge and tools to attain ultimate health and inner wellness. I am empowered and inspired to create from a place of joy and strength, I feel free-er and more confident about what i can bring to fruition in my life.  I am going forward with professional endeavors that are more ambitious in an effortless mode.  I am so grateful for your help and guidance Kate, as well for the accountability.

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Kate in Paradise
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