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Ageless Beauty
For the woman who is ready to trust & love herself so that she can realize her wildest dreams!
Tap into your body's innate ability to heal & manifest abundance in 30 days!
This program will allow you to unleash your inner magic so that you never suffer from a negative body image ever again
You are more powerful than you know!
You are a woman on the rise!

You know you are meant to have a life of freedom, beauty and abundance.

Yet you are still feeling trapped in the same habits, negative thoughts and self sabotage that has been haunting you for years. 

Still struggling to love your body and totally believe in yourself.

The shame and guilt of past mistakes weighs you down sometimes.

You have been doing so much self development work, focusing on your health and self care, but you still don't feel the way you want to feel.

You are not alone, before I found this powerful system, I felt this way as well.
Our genes dictate our energy levels, dress size and mental clarity!  
Are you ready to learn how to literally change your entire life, start creating your reality and calling in your desires with ease?
Yes you are able to create your reality, I am going to show you how...

You can actually change how you feel, look and show up in your life.


When you understand the principles of BODY MAGIC you will be unstoppable.
There will be this sense of deep peace, knowing that life is not happening to you.

You are the creator of your reality and the possibilities are limitless!
BODY MAGIC will lead you into a deep understanding of how your thoughts affect your hormones & nervous system. 
Discover how to transform your emotional state, even if you are feeling depressed or hopeless. 

 Learn what to do to allow your body to return to its innate ability to heal with ease. 

Discover the importance of and how easy eating an anti-inflammatory diet can be (done for you detox included)

BODY MAGIC will positively impact your health, business, relationships and all areas of your life!
Our bodies are magical tools

When we start to understand how to most efficiently operate our body and give it what it needs to thrive.
Our whole life comes into balance.

We feel light, energized and motivated.

Our nervous system heals and we come into homeostasis. 

The anxiety, uncertainty and fear melts away.

Our inner dialogue shifts out of self judgment and shame into confidence and clarity.
We are able to step into our power effortlessly.

Our digestive system, metabolism and immune systems get stronger.

Our self trust and faith in the universe grows.
This transformation is for the woman who knows that she is ready for things to get EASY and she is ready to thrive

The woman that is ready to rise above the chaos and fear that is so present in our culture right now

The woman that is ready to think for herself and reclaim her power

The woman that is ready to stop shaming herself

The woman that believes living pain free IS possible

The woman that is ready to look and feel younger 

The woman that is ready to fearlessly go for her wildest dreams now!

What you will receive inside this body mind reset immersion:
A private group with high vibe supportive women

30 guided BODY MAGIC meditations

16 recorded video training that will help you shift your beliefs and stress response

Audio trainings to help you fall in love with your body and turn back the clock on aging

Recorded BODY MAGIC audios to help you heal and rest

3 Day Done For You Detox guidelines & shopping lists, reset your body with an anti inflammatory meal plan

A new perspective on your body and how to change your habits
      >  The five feelings of manifesting, an audio training to help you call in your desires quickly and easily ($98 value)
      >  Confidence & Clarity the home study energy course that will create trust in your own inner guidance. ($198 value)
      > A private one-on-one coaching call with Kate valued at $400
Join BODY MAGIC right now!
How BODY MAGIC transformed my life!
As a long time yoga teacher and health coach, I had been geeking out on health and nutrition for almost 20 years and had believed in the power of manifestation for over a decade.  However, despite reading all the books and doing all the courses, I still felt stuck in many areas of my life.  I kept sliding back into old habits, patterns and stories.  I often felt like I had tried everything but still felt trapped.  

I was uncertain and always second guessing myself.   I felt like parts of my life were amazing and in other areas I was almost moving backwards.  Then I had my accident.  I hit my head and broke my foot at the same time.  I was forced to sit on the couch so my foot could heal for months.

As I sat there in stillness with all of my mistakes, shortcomings and failures staring at me in the face, I knew I required a massive change.  I couldn't keep repeating these same patterns, something had to give.  Sometimes when the universe knocks us down, it is to get our attention and tell us that we are meant for something more.  

Hitting my head ended up sending me into a downward spiral of fatigue and depression.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  I couldn't heal myself and I felt more down than ever.  We have all hit this rock bottom place, dark night of the soul where we are forced to take an even deeper look at ourselves.   Out of these dark places comes so much learning, self discovery and determination.   I was not going to succumb to the depression and anxiety, I was going to come back stronger than before. 

My conviction led me on a long journey, reading dozens of books, working with many naturopaths and doctors.  This journey brought me into this deep understanding of BODY MAGIC.  Something I had read about in the past, our ability to change how our genes are expressed.  This was the first time I learned how to implement these principles in my own life.

I was able to tap into my mind and bodies natural innate ability to heal and rejuvenate.  Through this process I healed my depression, anxiety and fatigue.  My body healed, my metabolism increased and my brain fog disappeared.  I learned how to almost effortlessly release my attachment to habits and beliefs that had been holding me back for years.  Suddenly I felt more confident and certain, I made decision quickly and felt more focused than I ever had before. 

The mental and physical results were amazing, but the most powerful transformation was the ability to clear and direct my emotions.  After my accident I had felt like my feelings controlled my life, I would wake up in the morning crying and then I would be pulled in a downward spiral of feeling hopeless for the rest of the day.  It seamed like no matter what I would do the emotions controlled my motivation, energy and ability to cope with life. 

When I started implementing the elements in the BODY MAGIC process everyday, I saw almost immediate results.  I was able to move out of sadness and overwhelm into a state of not only happiness but energized motivation and inspiration quickly and easily.  I have been able to commit to and stick with goals easily.  Make massive up-levels effortlessly and I feel more calm and peaceful than I have felt in years!

It has been the most impactful experience of my life and has pushed me into a new place in my body, my business and my relationships.  Everything feels easier and more fun.  I feel like I have returned to the truth of who I am.   I feel more inspired, focused and confident than I have ever felt in my entire life. 

I was able to heal all of my physical and mental health issues, manifest $10,000, have a breakthrough in my business and my relationships all in the space of 30 days. 

I know this is possible for you too.  I can not wait for you to join me so we can continue to rise together!

This is what women have been saying who joined BODY MAGIC
Kate I've already watched the first two trainingsthis is EXACTLY what I need right now. I am so grateful to be here"
~ Maria

"Thank you Kate <3 I already have benefitted so much from the FB Live yesterday. I heard you. I heard you say that my body has wisdom. Intuition. Of it's own. My body is my protector not my enemy. I have felt at odds with my body since I was 13. Maybe earlier. This morning I went outside at 6am with a cup of tea (not my usual beverage...but my body said I needed tea) and let the very gentle rain come down on me with the cool breeze and the beautiful palm trees and the wonderful smell of rain in the air. I am changing my relationship with my body. You are awesome."
~ Laurie

"Thank you so much for this inspiration Kate  I was in the car and listened to it a few times...it gives me such joy to breathe-in this sense of freedom and it resonates with my desire to be in my own harmonious flow.  It just clicks to break rules making my own, this feels expansive, limitless and it is what I am looking to experience and the inner space I want to create from. Round one of BODY MAGIC had a big impact on my well-being... I am so letting go of residual overwhelm, self-created pressure, stories and excuses, so that I can let even more joy in. Love this sweet energy and positive vibe." 
~ Sylvie

"My body feels lighter. I’m listening to the messages and sensations that my body is giving me.  I am judging myself less as ‘bad’ and triggering less feelings of fear and worry.  I have more moments of feeling connected and felt feelings in my body that I love and hadn’t felt in a long time!  There is more pleasure in my body.
~ Amanda 

NOW is the time to embody your feminine power and step into your fullest potential, we need your energy and light on this planet!

I Understand That When I Act Now, I will join a community of woman on the rise and receive:
  •  Instant access to a private group and the BODY MAGIC community 
  • 30 guided BODY MAGIC meditations to help increase your vibration and heal your body
  •  16 recorded 60 minute video training to help you build my BODY MAGIC belief system
  • The Ageless Beauty practices that will turn the clock back on aging 
  •  A deep understanding of how your thoughts affect your hormones & nervous system 
  •  How to transform your emotional state, even if you are feeling depressed or hopeless 
  •  Allowing your body to return to it's innate ability to heal with ease
  •  How to access BODY MAGIC in healing, business, relationships and all areas of your life
  •  3 Day Detox guidelines & shopping lists, reset your body with an anti inflammatory meal plan
  •  Units organized with all the material in the course so that you can access them any time.
  •  Healing BODY MAGIC meditations to help you tap into your parasympathetic and rest
  • A membership area to house all this goodness for you!
I also understand that when I join NOW, I also get...
  • The five feelings of manifesting, an audio training to help you call in your desires quickly and easily ($98 value)
  • Confidence & Clarity the home study energy course that will create trust in your own inner guidance. ($198 value)
  • A private coaching call with Kate valued at $400
Access BODY MAGIC Today
This program is not for the woman who: 
Doesn't want to commit to massive transformation.
Is afraid of change or doesn't want to leave her past behind.
Will not show up every day ready to completely reset her body and mind

This training is for the woman that is ready to step into her power.
She is ready to show up every day and recommit to herself no matter what.
The woman who is meant to help others, heal the planet and shine her light!

Are you ready to let it be easy!?
Register now to set yourself free! 
Nothing will change if you don't take action now!
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