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It is time to break free from the lack mindset and expectations, that are keeping you trapped!

I am calling all of you FREEDOM seakers who are done making excuses and are ready to go for their BIG WILD UNCOVENTIONAL DREAMS!


inside this membership you will recive:

Meditation, energy and mindset practices to set you free

 Weekly Zoom Workshops with unlimited Q & A and group coaching

Daily connection, downloads and inspiration in telegaram

Instant access to 48 pre-recorded online business building trainings

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This membership holds the mindset and enery shift that you require

The daily reminder that your life IS all ready abundant and the possibilities are limitless

exploring the freedom of the unknown

I want to share with you, ALL of the powerful tools that I have used to set myself free

The leader of this membership, your Host QUEEN Kate 

In 2022, I was able to realize massive abundance in the form of location, time and love freedom. 

I manifested SO many dreams that I had had for years or even decades. 

I discovered how to move in to the new energy current, that allows me to expand my reality much more easily. 

I have been on this "self development" or "personal growth" journey for two decades. 

From studying nutrition, to quantum physics, to the power of the mind, to mediation, to abundance perspectives, to business building... I have been trying how to be the best verson of myself! 


I have never sacrificed my pleasure, joy and quality of life to achive goals or success.

I have always been about having lots of free time, getting to be outdoors and only making money doing what I loved. 

Even though I stayed true to my values for many years I struggled to fully belive that I could create the wild unconventional life of my dreams in this way. 

For many years I felt discurraged and that I might need to give into hustle culture, getting up at 5am forcing productivity all day; or maybe I needed to partner with brands I did not beleive in to make it big. 

I felt like I was not driven, focused or organized enough to ever be successful. 

I had a clear dream, I wanted to live in 3-4 different tropical locations through out the year. 

I wanted to be able to go to the beach or spend time outdoors every day. 

I wanted to prioritize plenty of time for friends and family and taking care of my body temple. 

I wanted to make money in a way that enriched my life and helped to expand me. 

On top of this I wanted to have complete location freedom, living in air bnbs and traveling whenever I desired. 

I wanted an inspiring partner who inspired me, wanted to live my exact lifestyle and gave me the freedom to be my true authentic self. 

I had a deep desire to host all inclusive retreats in beautiful tropical locations around the world. 

I also wanted to have beautiful supportive online community and coaching clients that I simply addored working with.

 For many years these dreams and desires felt very out of reach... in 2020, I started to manifest some of them but still my vision had so much more room for expanssion. 

I often felt like "my life is already pretty good, maybe I don't need to have everything that I want?" 

The truth is that we as humans are always going to want more, once we reach one goal there is going to be more growth that wants to come through. 

I could not put out the burning desire inside of me to have a bigger impact and influence. 

I was becoming more focused on my deep true desires. 

I started expanding and in this last year, I realized all of these things that I had been wanting for years!

There were some powerful mindset and persepective shifts that helped me quantum leap into this new reality. 

Creating space, meditation, trusting my body lead me into the reality that God has a plan for me. 

Surrendering, not figuring it out, but instead allowing the magic to unfold, sounds amazing, but is easier said than done. 

There was a lot of fear, discomfort and even pain that I expereinced in the process. 

Acctuall in the same year that all of my BIGGEST dreams manifested, I also manifested my biggest fears that had kept me playing small for so many years. 

Yes the "good" and the "bad" was unfolding simultaneously. 

What I learned that was the most powerful... 

The pain, fear and ups and downs are part of the journey, they will never go away. 

That when you fully accept the pain and discomfort you expand and their is also room for all of your deepest desires to be realized as well. 

My life has expanded and shifted SO much this year and it has so much to do with the practice of self trust, embodying femine energy and staying in the present moment. 

Now I am dialed in to a new vibration. 

An expansive place where the actions and events of my past no longer define me. 

Where my attachment to the outcome is very relaxed and I am OPEN to RECIVING in all areas of my life. 

This energy of freedom is expanding inside of me almost faster than I can adjust to it. 

I love this wild ride and I want you to join me! 

I want to share these shifts in vibration and expand with you inside the Paradise Membership! 

If you feel like your dreams, desires and freedom are just out of reach, but you have been on this personal growth journey for a while I am ready to collaborate with you!

Activate your creative life force energy, collaborate with others on the rise and quantum leap in to your highest potential, even if you feel stuck or trapped right now!

This vortex includes 4 monthly workshops on zoom daily inspiration inside of telegram and unlimited group coaching

Set yourself free and achieve your wildest dreams from a place of ease and flow

Learn the exact mindsets and motivations that allowed me to claim my freedom lifestyle

If you are serious about living your most wild, free and turned-on reality... this invitation is for YOU

The Paradise Membership will guide you into Expansive Freedom

This is what you will receive when you join now:

  • You will gain instent access to one year of recorded trainings from my SHINE ONLINE online business building course to support you in creating location FREEDOM ( over $2000 value )
  • ​You will be added to a telegram chat with a powerful COMMUNITY of light workers on the rise, where I will be posting downloads, recources and inspiration!
  • ​You will receive the zoom details for our weekly workshops, happening every Thursday, that will guide you on this Inner Beauty Pathway to SUCCESS  ( keep scolling down to see all the topics )
  • ​You will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to all the content and all the replays while you are part of the membership

All of this is waiting for you!


These will be the topics discussed:

New paradigm goal setting & receiving guidance like a spiritual boss

Becoming a magnet to romantic love, if you are single or in a relationship

Body love and agelss beauty, the magic and power of the body

How to trust yourself and make decissions from a place of clarity

Making more money and receiveing more abundance by doing less

Cyclical creation, knowing when to push and when to pull back, for success

The new paradigm and how to channel your message as a thought leader

Building a business as an expression of your authentic truth

The mindset of freedom and how to access it in your day to day life

The magic of your nervious system, how to cultivate balance and freedom

Expanding into your fullest potiential by turning inward

The mindset of a leader and a powerful manifester 

*thes topics are subject to change

If you are ready to stop feeling stuck and start living out the life of your dreams, this space is for you! 

This membership offers spiritual expansion, freedom and a reframe to an abundance mindset


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If you are currently opperating from a place of fear, lack and limitation

This membership will set your free from this reality and help you expand in limitless abundance

Let go of the anixiety, the hustle, the need for control and learn how to surrender and start receiving

Paradise Membership

This is what is included when you join:

48 pre-recorded online business building classes in a membership area 

Access to daily connection, downloads and inspiration in a telegram group

4 zoom workshops per month with live group coaching and unlimited Q & A

Meditation, energy and mindset shifts that will set you free

 The price will be going up soon so make sure to act now!

Paradise Mastermind
This is what you will receive:

> Instant access to 48 pre-recorde online business building classes in a membership area 

> Access to daily connection, downloads and inspiration in a telegram group

> 4 zoom workshops per month with live group coaching and unlimited Q & A

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