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Wild goddess, it is time for you to embody your most radiant, magnetic energy

Claim Your Squirrel Art Below...

Star seed, you are being called right now to step into your magic and your authentic truth

Now is the time to claim your fullest potential and embody your purpose during this lifetime

I am calling you mermaids who are done making excuses and playing small


This is a call to you goddess, I know you are ready to harness feminine sexual energy and use it to call in your message as a new earth thought leader

Ignite your feminine power and manifest your desires

I want to share with you the two most powerful tools that I have used to set myself free
If you are serious about living your most wild, free and turned-on reality... I have an invitation for you.

Join me for a year of reading or listening to the books that have had the biggest impact on my life, build accountability and awaken your sexual energy so that you can manifest more effortlessly.


Female sexual empowerment and manifesting with sex magic

Abundance, money and manifestation mindset

Feminine energy and how to step into your power as a woman

Creating wealth through your connection with God

Moving through blocks and creating the life and business of your wildest dreams

The new paradigm and how to channel your message as an enlightened thought leader 

Activate your creative life force energy, collaborate with other women on the rise and quantum leap in to your highest potential as a powerful woman.

This vortex includes a private community, reading list, monthly zoom bookclub meetings and monthly sex magic practice audios to empower you to manifest your desires!

Become the siren, setting yourself free to achieve your wildest dreams from a place of ease and flow


When you join this community you will be added to a private FB group and powerful community of light workers on the rise

We will start by asking you to share your desires and what you will be manifesting so that as a collective we can all hold each others vision

Together we will read or listen to at least one book a month, there will be weekly accountability in the group to keep you on track with your reading and manifesting our desires

We will join for a 90 minute zoom call to discuss and workshop the concepts and exercises and tools from the books

There will be a monthly sex magic audio for you to listen to privately, that will awaken your powerful life force energy and bring you back into your power!

If you are ready to stop feeling stuck and start living out the life of your dreams this space is for you! 

A space for the woman who chooses collaboration over competition and are ready to elevate their impact in this lifetime!

Ready to feel turned on, connected and powerful inside of her body

Are you the woman who is ready to activate her divine inner wisdom through embodying her feminine energy and sensuality?


The right books can reprogram your mind and transform your life!

Audio books have been a huge catalyst in creating my freedom based life. 

The last Thursday of every month we will be meeting on zoom

These live workshops will be an opportunity for us to implement the wisdom from each book

These zooms with be an opportunity to come together as a powerful creative force, which is necessary if you want to manifest like a siren

Also a monthly chance to receive laser coaching from Kate and activate your manifestation mindset

I attribute all of my success to many of the books that I will be sharing in this mastermind. 
I have listened to many of them dozens of times because they are so powerful

Discover my top 24 most powerful books and read them with a powerful manifesting community


Monthly sexy magic audios to guide you back to your life force energy and innate power

The sex magic practice will help you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself

This is the most powerful way to ignite your manifestation powers as a woman

We were born to create life!

A goddess that feels sexy and alive in her body is unstoppable.

These Sex Magic practices will be guided audios that you can use at any time and over and over again.

This is a tantric practice of learning to move and direct sexual energy with in the body.

Sex Magic opened up a portal for me to have a 30k launch, with no strategy and no sales page, that poured through me organically!
With this practice the impossible becomes possible

Once you have mastered sex magic you will know how to direct your creative powers clearly so that you gain clarity and get results easily.

Each month will build on it's self so that you can slowly build this connection with your body, your sensuality and your ability to create anything that you desire. 

Your Host QUEEN Kate 
Kate, the sun worshiping Inner Beauty Expert and founder of Kate in Paradise, supports spiritual women in stepping into their BODY MAGIC so that they can live their purpose.
Kate lives a financially and location free life that is supported by her soul aligned online business. She helps women to overcome their fears of failure and self doubt so that they can TRUST themselves. She helps her clients find clarity and confidence so that they can start living their purpose and easily making money online.
In her programs, mediations and trainings she guides women, to follow their soul and divine inner guidance so that they can manifest the freedom based life they crave. Kate’s effortless ability to channel life source energy, her enthusiasm and 10 years of online marketing experience supports her clients in creating their own meaningful, authentic online business. 
She assist women just like you in finding their Paradise!  

Join now to also receive:
Confidence and Clarity a virtual program (valued at $200) to help you understand how to move energy in your body with yoga, pranayama and tantric practices. This home study course includes 7 videos and audios to teach you these practices and help you embody your desires now!

Join us for Sexy Siren Book Club to learn how to manifest the life of freedom you crave!

Join a community of light workers as we dive in to powerful books together for a 12 month journey of elevating in to our highest potential

Activate your own personal power through sex magic and learn how to manifest your desires using you innate feminine powers 
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12 Month Mastermind
This is what you will receive:

> A private FB group and powerful community of light workers on the rise

> A monthly sex magic audio that will awaken your powerful life force energy

> Reading or listening to books every month with other inspiring women

> Monthly 90 minute zoom book club

> Weekly accountability in the group to keep us on track with our reading and manifesting our desires 

For a limited time:
Confidence & Clarity ($200 value) 
Join us if you are ready to:
> Activate your life force energy
> Embody an abundance mindset
> Expand into you feminine power
> Become the worthy woman who feels sexy and confident 
> Manifest the life of freedom you desire
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