Shine Online 
Transform your unique gifts into a modern online business and start making money now!
This 6 month group coaching program is an expansive community of high vibe women that are ready to receive abundance through their business.
Calling all healing practitioners, yoga teachers, and creatives who are ready to bring their services online and make money quickly.
This program is for women who feel like they don't know how they will find paying clients in this current climate feel overwhelmed, and might be second guessing themselves.

For the visionary that knows she is meant to help and uplift others!

This will be a 6 month incubator of prosperity mind set, equipping you with practical tools to help you get your services online fast.

This program will include an affiliate aspect which means that if you invite any women into the program you will receive 50% of what they pay for the program.

Simply by signing up you have a chance to start making money now!

The focus of this space is collaboration, networking and lifting each other up!
Create a FREEDOM based lifestyle where you can work from literally anywhere! 
This program is going to create a powerful container to keep you focused, motivated and inspired to expand your online business.

You will learn how to make consistent income in your business so that you can call in financial freedom. 

Results of signing up for SHINE ONLINE:

~ Building a business that feels fun and easy. 

~ Having the confidence to launch any product or concept online and know that it will sell. 

~ Not feeling alone in your online business. 

~ Knowing how to scale and leverage your time so that you can work less and make more

~ Feeling connected and supported at all times with expert coaching and a positive community

~ Making money from home, doing what you love. 

~ Knowing how to grow your online business so that you too can create a freedom based lifestyle

~ Total clarity, knowing that you can always trust yourself. 
This space starts on April 15th! 

Together we build this circle of unstoppable women ready to rise and SHINE!
When you join you will receive: 
 ❤️ 6 months of unlimited clarity coaching with Kate in a private group.
❤️ Weekly LIVE business building trainings with Kate to help you increase your income over the next 6 months.
❤️ Weekly assignments to expand your business's ability to receive. 
❤️ Yoga, book reviews, crowdsourced playlists, and other inspirations by Alyson. 
❤️ Blog, marketing, and event planning resources by Annie. 
❤️ Monthly virtual workshops from inspiring online influencers.
❤️ An opportunity to make money any time you invite someone into the group. 
❤️ Networking and collaboration opportunities, that could become lifelong friendships and business partnerships. 
❤️ An abundance mindset portal to help you shift into the new paradigm and create massive wealth and freedom. 

"I feel like a 6 month commitment might be more than I need right now?"

This program is priced so affordably, it is literally less than a one month programs I sell.  
So even if you just use the program for one month you will receive more than what you invested out of it.  
Building an online business that grows every month takes a commitment over time, there are ups and downs along this road.  I have predicted the road blocks that you might run into on your journey as a new online entrepreneur. 

"I am scared to invest money into my business when it has not made any income yet?"

Every business takes investment of time and money.  If you are not willing to invest in your business there is very little chance of making money.  Plus inside SHINE ONLINE you will learn strategies that will help you start making money in as little as one week.  PLUS if you invite two other women to join you inside the program you will literally have covered the cost of your $108 investment.  

"I don’t have time (I am so busy homeschooling/caring for my kids, I am still working another job, I am overwhelmed with household responsibilities)." 

There will be one weekly training in the group and a weekly home work assignment, both will probably take you less than two hours in total.  You can pop into the group to consume content and ask questions at any time, there are no obligations to show up for all the LIVE trainings or participate in everything shared.  If you are serious about building your online business this program will offer you all the resources that you need. 

"I have too many ideas for my online business and can’t seam to pick a single path." 

This is a great problem to have and is actually an asset in this new paradigme.  Creativity is going to serve you in the online business world.   Inside SHINE ONLINE we will be learning how to bring all of our passions together into a business that allows us to live our authentic truth. 

"I am afraid to give up the consistent schedule and benefits (like PTO, healthcare, bonuses, and 401K/retirement) of my corporate job to create an online business." 

If you want to live a life of FREEDOM, able to work from any place on the planet doing work that energizes you and feeds your soul it is work the risk.  If you want to LIVE your purpose, feeling empowered and fulfilled every day join us on this journey.   This is a program for the woman that is ready to live a life off the beaten path and shine her unique authentic light to the world. 

"I can’t imagine my gifts as a healer or teacher working outside of the in-person services that I have been doing, I don't see how I can make money online."

Your skills, gifts and life experience are unique and needed now more than ever.  Yes your business model may need to change dramatically to translate to the online world, but it is easily possible.  Kate has 7 years of experience selling services, classes and products online, she can guide you on this path.  We are moving into an age where everything is going to be more and more online, don't wait start SHINING ONLINE now so that you can make money with out leaving your home! 
Together we are more powerful!
Collaboration  and connection are required in this modern age of online business!
Join a community of powerful, inspiring women and be uplifted every day!

Wake up feeling motivated, inspired and knowing the next steps to take in your online business.

Make money in a way that feels effortless, because you absolutely LOVE what you do and how you sell your services. 

Be an example to other of hope, light and prosperity during this time of uncertainty!

Let go of feeling:
Stuck and scared to put yourself out there online
Unsure of what to focus on first or how to grow your business
Unconfident and like an imposter as a new online expert
Afraid of not making money or getting your clients the results you promise 
Overwhelmed and like a dear in the headlights

This is the MOST POWERFUL, online business building group program out there. 

Activate your ability to tap into limitless abundance and make money doing what you love.
Have a positive impact on the planet and get paid with out leaving your home.

This six month program is your ticket to:
No more uncertainty.
No more second guessing.
No more worrying if you made the right choice. 

Are you ready to build a freedom based lifestyle with your beautiful online business?! 

 Learn how to start making money online right now goddess! 
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