Life time access to an abundance mindset community and group coaching program that will quantum leap you into a fulfilling FREEDOM based online business!
Calling all coaches, healing practitioners, yoga teachers, and creatives who are ready to have clarity and confidence   making money online!
Here is what the current members of SHINE are saying!
This program is a powerful container to keep you focused, motivated and inspired to expand your online business from an authentic soul aligned place.

Receive daily accountability, private coaching and endless community support 

You will learn how to make consistent income in your business so that you can finally live a life of financial freedom. 
This program will include an affiliate aspect which means that if you invite any women into the program you will receive a cash pay out.

Simply by signing up you have a chance to start making money now!

The focus of this space is collaboration, increasing sales and online networking!

As your network grows your potential for abundance expands as well.
Build a freedom based online business that feels like Paradise! 
Never sit at a desk again, literally work from anywhere on the planet 
This program is for woman who feels like she doesn't know how to attract her dream clients, feels overwhelmed, and might be second guessing herself.

The woman who is dreaming of building an online business or

The woman who is launching her business and needing guidance or

The woman who wants to expand her business organically by connecting to her feminine energy and power


The visionary that knows she is meant to help and uplift others!
The woman who is over the hustle and the pushing and is ready to relax in a state of abundant flow in her online business
Let go of feeling:
Stuck and scared to put yourself out there online

Unsure of what to focus on first (because you have so many passions) or how to grow your business

Un-confident and like an impostor as a new or expanding online expert

Afraid of not making money or getting your clients the results you promise 

Overwhelmed, burnt out or like a dear in the headlights not knowing what action to take next

Alone in you online business
"My favorite thing about SHINE ONLINE has really been the amazing community of high vibe women!"
~ Sonia 

"I have made SO many connections in SHINE so many people that I have become friends with in person and visually.  It's just an AMAZING powerful community that has really helped me step into my roll as a coach!"  
~ Ashlee

"Joining SHINE helped me to start my own business, helped me to gain confidence and be around other like minded women.  It's also created some really incredible collaborations!"   
~ Reva

SHINE ONLINE will equip you with practical resources to help you monetize your products and services online fast.

This is an incubator for prosperity mind set, feminine energy business principles and collaborations
How I created my abundant freedom based online business

I have been passionate about online marketing for over a decade, and have been selling my coaching packages since 2013.   When I started my business I knew that it needed to be able to move around with me.

For many years I was caught up in the bells, whistles and get rich quick schemes sold to us on social media.  I thought that if I had the right marketing strategy, paid for enough adds or learned how to write the right copy I would make money.

I tried EVERY online marketing strategy and invested thousands of dollars but I still wasn't making the consistent income I desired, I felt exhausted and burnt out.

I knew deep down that I was here to inspire and support women to step into their clarity, confidence and power.  Yet here I was feeling discouraged and not trusting myself.

That was the root of my inconsistent income.

I didn't trust myself, I did not know my value and I did not convey confidence when selling my products.

The magic started to unfold when I realized that I didn't need a fancy marketing plan or strategy to make money online. That my sales were a direct reflection of my inner state.


I didn't need to spend money to make money, I could actually use social media for free and book 10K soul mate clients.

I didn't need to make everything so complicated. When I figured out the simple feminine energy formula that I teach my clients in SHINE ONLINE I started making money easily and effortlessly.

When COVID hit a year ago and everything shut down and millions of people were with out jobs.

I started to quadruple my income every few months.

The SHINE ONLINE formula is simple and authentic.  It allows you to be all of yourself, share what you love and get paid over and over and over again.

As I aligned my mindset, my emotions and my actions with my desires... I started to have multiple quantum leaps.  I started to show up for my business with feminine energy principles every day and see massive results.

I live 100% of the time in high end air bnbs and hotels by the beach.  I am living out my dream of living a minimalist, freedom based life, working on my phone in the sunshine, booking clients that I absolutely love working with.

I have consistent 10K plus months using the exact formula that I teach in SHINE ONLINE

I just had a launch last month where I made more money in 6 weeks than I made in all of 2019, with out a sales page, a launch strategy or any paid advertising.

I have made 90% of my income in my business with organic free marketing on social and I will show you exactly how I have done it!

I know that you can do this too, my clients are continually hitting and exceeding their income goals.  Making money in their sleep, selling products and services that bring them fulfillment.
Living the life of their dreams.

I will teach you how to embody the feminine energy principles that will attract abundance and joy into every aspect of your business!

I will show you the exact simple steps that I use over and over again to make money online!

I can not wait to show you how easy making money online can be when you follow my SHINE formula. The real secret is just like the saying "if you love what you do, then you never work another day in your life."  So are you ready to stop working and start receiving!

I love what I do ( teaching you how to make money online ) and I want you be in love with the way you make money too.  I want to see you shine online!

Together we are building this circle of unstoppable women, who are ready to rise and SHINE!

You will learn how to implement the SHINE ONLINE feminine energy formula, in a way that feels authentic to you, so that you can create your freedom based online business


It is meant to feel easy and fun!

Results of signing up for SHINE ONLINE:

~ Building or growing a business that feels fun and easy. 

~ Having the confidence to launch any product or concept online and know that it will sell. 

~ Not feeling alone in your online business. 

~ Knowing how to scale and leverage your time so that you can work less and make more

~ Feeling connected and supported at all times with expert coaching and a positive community

~ Making money from home, doing what you love. 

~ Knowing how to grow your online business so that you too can create a freedom based lifestyle

~ Total clarity, knowing that you can always trust yourself. 
Inside of SHINE ONLINE we will break through all of these limiting beliefs and fears so that you can be set free from all your worries: 
I need to spend a lot of money to make money online selling my unique products and services

I need to spend years building my following before I can make money online

I need to have thousands of people in my community to make money

I need to have a website, a logo and a professional branding shoot before I can make money

I need to have a lot of time to invest in my business if I want to see results

I don’t know who my ideal clients is because I haven’t gotten any clients yet

I have a lot to share but don’t know how to make it into an offer that will make money online

When you join NOW you will receive: 

 ❤️ Unlimited clarity coaching with Kate in a private group

❤️ Weekly LIVE business building trainings, transmissions, laser coaching and Q & A with Kate to help you increase your income

❤️ Daily accountability and the opportunity to receive private 1 on 1 coaching every month

❤️ Weekly check lists and worksheets to expand your business's ability to receive

❤️ A powerful community of uplifting spiritual woman who are ready to support you

❤️ An opportunity to make money any time you invite someone into the group

❤️ Networking and collaboration opportunities, that could become lifelong friendships and business partnerships

❤️ An abundance mindset portal to help you shift into the new paradigm and create massive wealth and freedom

Join SHINE ONLINE before the doors close

This is the MOST POWERFUL, online business building group program out there. 

Activate your ability to tap into limitless abundance and make money doing what you love.
Have a positive impact on the planet and get paid with out leaving your home.

Lifetime access to this program is your ticket to:
No more uncertainty.
No more second guessing.
No more worrying if you made the right choice. 

Are you ready to build a freedom based lifestyle with your beautiful online business?! 


The stories of the women who have joined SHINE ONLINE: 
Watch this powerful video right now!
What women have said who already joined: 
"Yes one of the best choices I have made as I navigate my new online business... This is awesome! I love having a little bit of structure to follow. Definitely helps me feel more organized and collected! Thank you!"

“I can’t even begin to describe all the ways you are helping me right now... 
I am so grateful for you, you show up every single day and I feel like I can really rely on you and lean on you because I know that you are always going to be there giving to us and sharing with us your beauty and that message of truth and it’s doing so much for me right now.

I am genuinely waking up every single morning excited to start the day and every time ... you blow my mind with another thing.  Thank you so much, the work you are doing is so so so valuable. 
...I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to be getting so much out of everything that you offer.
I just love you so much and thank you.“

I am here to support you in creating a freedom-based online business that feels like Paradise
Receive  lifetime access to this program now!  
Join SHINE ONLINE before the doors close

"I feel like this kind of commitment might be more than I need right now?"

This program is so high value and has every step that you require to build your business.  
So even if you just use the program for one month you will receive more than what you invested out of it.  
Building an online business that grows every month takes a commitment over time, there are ups and downs along this road.  Thats why having a supportive community and a mentor is so important.  I have predicted the road blocks that you might run into on your journey as a new online entrepreneur.  PLUS you have life time access to all the content to use at any time!

"I am scared to invest money into my business when it has not made any income yet?"

Every business takes investment of time and money.  If you are not willing to invest in your business there is very little chance of making money.  Plus inside SHINE ONLINE you will learn strategies that will help you start making money in as little as one week.  PLUS if you invite other women to join you inside the program you literally have the ability to cover the cost of your investment.  

"I don’t have time (I am so busy with my family commitments, I am still working another job, I am overwhelmed with household responsibilities)." 

There will be one weekly training in the group and a 5 minute daily accountabiluty assignment, both will probably take you less than two hours in total.  You can pop into the group to consume content and ask questions at any time, there are no obligations to show up for all the LIVE trainings or participate in everything shared.  If you are serious about building your online business this program will offer you all the resources that you need. 

"I have too many ideas for my online business and can’t seam to pick a single path." 

This is a great problem to have and is actually an asset in this new paradigm.  Taking action will bring clarity and help you know what the next aligned step is.  Creativity is going to serve you in the online business world.   Inside SHINE ONLINE we will be learning how to bring all of our passions together into a business that allows us to live our authentic truth. 

"I am afraid to give up the consistent schedule and benefits (like PTO, healthcare, bonuses, and 401K/retirement) of my corporate job to create an online business." 

If you want to live a life of FREEDOM, able to work from any place on the planet doing work that energizes you and feeds your soul it is work the risk.  If you want to LIVE your purpose, feeling empowered and fulfilled every day join us on this journey.   This is a program for the woman that is ready to live a life off the beaten path and shine her unique authentic light to the world. 

"I can’t imagine my gifts as a healer or teacher working outside of the in-person services that I have been doing, I don't see how I can make money online."

Your skills, gifts and life experience are unique and needed now more than ever.  Yes your business model may need to change dramatically to translate to the online world, but it is easily possible.  Kate has 7 years of experience selling services, classes and products online, she can guide you on this path.  We are moving into an age where everything is going to be more and more online, don't wait start SHINING ONLINE now so that you can make money with out leaving your home! 
Together we are more powerful!
Collaboration  and connection are required in this modern age of online business!
Join a community of powerful, inspiring women and be uplifted every day!

Learn the feminine business building principles that have set me free

Create a 100% freedom based online business using my proven system

Wake up feeling motivated, inspired and knowing the next steps to take in your online business.
Make money in a way that feels organic and effortless

Absolutely LOVE what you do and how you sell your services. 

Be an example to other of hope, light and prosperity during this time of uncertainty!

 Are you ready for your online business to  explode!?
Do not wait Goddess! Now is the time to join!
Not ready for SHINE ONLINE yet, but want to work on connecting to your feminine power, improving your mindset and personal development? 

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