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Two Week Course for ANYONE Who Wants The Benefits of A Consistent Meditation Practice

Are you ready to transform your life through meditation?

Join us for this life changing course and receive life time access to all the content

Plus access to a WhatsApp chat with others dedicated to their practice of mediation

This course for anyone who:

Has been meditating, but can not seam to keep a consistent practice 

Has never tried mediation and is ready to start now 

Wants to eliminate stress, anxiety and a feeling of victim-hood from their life

 Have you always liked the idea of meditating but still have not started?

Do you feel like it's hard to still your mind?

Are you struggling to get comfortable in a cross legged position?

Have you been wanting to consistently meditate but, it's not happening yet? 

The Meditation Magic course is for you!

During this 2 week experience you will:

Feel confident that you are "doing it right" and getting the most out of your consistent meditation practice!

Understand exactly how meditation benefits your health and why!

Become more focused and discover how to start feeling more calm and peaceful over time.

Learn how to never feel like you are meditating wrong again...

Discover how to start making daily meditation feel easy.

Imagine feeling clear, patient and calm in almost any situation

A consistent mediation practice can increase mental clarity and greatly reduce stress

The most powerful way to breakthrough blocks and build new habits in your life is through the practice of mediation

I will explain why and show you how inside Mediation Magic

In this home study course you will receive:

15 days of meditation trainings and 10 different guided mediation practices

Personal guidance on how to sit and what to focus on while you meditate 

A play list of audio and video guided mediation tracks

10 different ways to meditate, so you can find the practice that works for you

A WhatsApp group to feel supported and share resources  

Mediation has given me clarity, focus and the drive to create the life of my dreams

I don't believe in one style of meditation
there are many pathways to stillness

During this course I will show you 10 different ways that you can effectively meditate and help you find the right one for you ... so that you can stay consistent!

Feel calm and able to take on life's stressors with ease

Be able to slow down and respond to others as your highest self

Break additions and habits that hold you back

Understand how to feel and express your emotions in a beneficial way

Experience less anxiety, less stress and sleep better at night

Feel a deep sense of inner peace no matter what is happening on the outside 


Enroll in this life changing course for only $33

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I had practiced yoga since I was 19 but still couldn't meditate... 

I never saw the value of meditation, what was the point of sitting and doing nothing? 

I couldn’t still my mind or body, I felt anxious and frustrated when I tried to meditate, not peaceful 

It felt easier to move my body and take action

Constantly moving felt more productive 

I never really resonated with the idea of sitting in stillness 

I was just moving quickly through my life, very un aware of my thoughts or emotions

I relived old patterns and get caught up in habits that I couldn't break

A victim to my circumstances

Often and irritated by how others treated me 

Never feeling focused and rarely following through 

I had a hard time committing to anything and often felt lots not having a clear direction in my life 

I felt constant feelings of shame and guilt for not accomplishing enough

I was overwhelmed by anxiety, insomnia and a relentless feeling of un fulfillment 

I hit this point in my life when the go go go and constant unconscious action had damaged my nervous system and left me feeling like I was having a break down 

I felt constant anxiety and restlessness 

I didn’t trust myself and couldn’t find the meaning in my work or my day to day activities 

I felt depressed and I couldn’t sleep 

At this time of soul searching I found the deeply restorative benefits of meditation 

I worked with a teacher who guided me in finding a practice that I could commit to 

I started to understand what meditation actually was

I connected to a sense of peace and fulfillment that I had been searching for all my life 

I had been looking outside of myself for something that was actually inside of me all along 

Now I am focused, peaceful and very fulfilled because of consistent mediation practice

This course holds over $1000 in value

But because I know you have been struggling with mediation and I want to see you succeed 
I am offering this life changing course for only $33

click the button below to get started:

Even if you have always struggled before

This two week course will give you the guidance and coaching that you require to find a practice that works for you and create a consistent habit of mediation
Feel more focused, peaceful and grounded 
knowing how to get all the benefits out of your meditations

Here are the topics that we will be covering in this 2 week course

• What are the physical, emotional and health benefits of mediation and why 
• How to heal your nervous system and boost your immune system with mediation
• How to meditate when your mind wont stop racing 
• Reprogram your subconscious mind with meditation
• Creating new neural pathways with a daily practice  
•  How to stay consistent when you have resistance to meditating 
• How to sit comfortably and find stillness if you are not flexible
 What to do to stay motivated to meditate when you have limited time
 •  How to increase your energy and heal your body through meditation
•  Practical steps to implement so that you can stay consistent

When you join this program you will have life time access to 15 video trainings and meditations

so that you can get even more support and accountability

You will also have audio and video recordings of guided meditations to help you stay consistent

A $1000 value, only $33 when you join today

Become the most powerful version of yourself though mediation

Join us for this life changing course! 

This course is for anyone who wants to understand the benefits of mediation, heal their nervous system and release the stress from their body and their life
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Only $33
In this 15 part  course you will receive:

> 15 video meditation trainings

> Guidance on how to sit and what to focus on while you meditate 

> A play list of audio and video guided mediation tracks

> A WhatsApp group to ask all of your daily questions and share resources 
Transform your life with the practice of mediation 
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