Calling all wild creative women that are ready to make a positive impact!

Creative Spiritual Influencers Mastermind!

Build a business & bring your vision in to fruition using your feminine energy!

I am manifesting a group of goddesses that are ready to embody the high vibe energy that will make them a powerful influencer on our planet. 

You know you were born to help others and heal the planet.

Your connection to nature and spirt is your super power, you are here to spread light!

The feelings of overwhelm not knowing what to do next are not your truth.

You are meant to lead, to be seen and to be an example of the healing that is possible.

You know that your business ideas could heal the planet if they went viral.

You know that there are millions of people that you could help if you could get out of your own way. 

Imagine a one year portal of divine healing light, washing away all of your uncertainty.

Three live events where we will cultivate powerful lasting, physical and emotional change.

A community of beautiful like minded woman, who are fearlessly rising up to spread a message of healing and love.

Limitless connection to the endless stream of light that I am tapped into daily!

Feeling completely supported, seen and encouraged every day.

Connecting with your unique message and gifts and making that your livelihood.

Going against all odds and building an unconventional life full of freedom.

Feeling so purposeful everyday, doing your souls work and helping others feel amazing!


There is this burning desire inside of you to do good and make a difference. However you have let thoughts like:

"I am not there yet, I have more work to do."
"I am not healthy enough to do my soul work."
"I don't have the confidence to put my message out there."
"I lack the clarity I need and feel so unfocused."
"I am not sure how to start, or what to do first."

.... hold you back from living to your fullest expression.

These thoughts are not your truth!

You are meant to live a life of joy, in love with your body 
and connected to your vision.

Hi my name is Kate!
I am on a mission to guide women into feeling so confident and clear about their purpose so that they can go out into the world and make a difference.
I am dedicated to being an example of complete body love.
I have learned how to tap into this magic through a long journey that included, total lack of clarity and fear of failure (for like 10 years).  

I have battled feeling disgusted with my body, anxiety that kept me up at night and depression that made it feel impossible to get up in the morning.  I have learned how to heal myself, overcome the fear and put my message out into the world.

I have learned how receive and create abundance only doing what I love.  I know that no matter what you are going through, what feels scary or even impossible; you can transcend these feelings and create freedom.

I went from a place of feeling so overwhelmed, exhausted and hopeless to literally living in this place of limitless possibilities.  
This is available to you too goddess! 

Inside Spiritual Influencer Mastermind you will learn how to access the magic inside of you!

This is how it will work when you sign up, you will receive:

Access to a private FB group where all the members will connect.

Around the clock access to Kate in a private voxer chat, so that you can leave text and voice messages and get personalized one-on-one coaching.

Two live group trainings and Q & A a month, inside the group.

A monthly private coaching call with Kate.

Life time access to the BODY MAGIC program.

Life time access to the Clarity & Confidence program.

Access to three live events in 2020 (dates and locations tba). 

With in this space we will be shedding all fear and uncertainty about your body, beauty and business.

We will be building self trust and gaining clarity.

Setting goals from your feminine energy so that you can receive from a place of ease.

No more pushing, forcing or feeling depleted.

You will be learning how to refill your energy and claim you power.

So that you can do more than you ever have before in less time and with less stress.

Discover how to access your Divine Inner Guidance.

Making choices from a place of certainty will feel easy.

Creating a profitable business will feel easy and simple.

Knowing your value and worth will be who you are.

Trusting yourself completely.

This is what's available to you inside Creative Spiritual Influencer!

This is your chance to let go of the fear that has been holding you back.

This is your chance to make money doing what you deeply love doing!

This is your chance to change the way you think and feel forever.

This is your chance to step into your true and powerful self as a leader and influencer.

This is your chance to wake up every morning with a purpose and limitless energy bursting inside of you!

This is your chance to embody your gifts and do what you were called to do on this planet!

I can create this space and give so much to you, because I know how to refill my cup.

I have limitless energy flowing through me at all times and you can too.

I am connected to source energy and I am a portal of light for you to access.

Let me pour this energy, positivity and light into for a year!

You are going to completely turn your life around.

You are going to feel incredible.

This is your chance to launch your vision and your business from a place of flow.

Break all the rules and create your own.

Listen to your heart and find success and fulfillment. 


All of my magic that has helped me manifest my desires since I was a child.

All of my healing powers and ability to transform lives!

All of my knowledge from my BCs in business and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience.

All of my yoga wisdom from my 20 year practice.

All of my passion for helping others create profitable businesses that they love.

All of my deep understanding of the healing powers of food and herbs.

All of my endless energy that I source from God who is all powerful.

All of my ability to empower and inspire others will be poured into you for a whole year!

Imagine what is possible!!

Kate brought out my joy!

"Kate helped bring out my Joy, my happiness, my innate Laughter that I have in Me, that is in there, deep and abiding. I REALLY Love to Laugh and I mean the "deep belly' laughter! She REALLY made me Laugh!
I actually saw my Self for the 1st time, without judgment, 
It is/was the 1st time I wasn't really looking at my "flaws" 
I Spirit
The most powerful part was dealing with ALL fears that came up around my physicality, to going with my intuition, allowing myself be Seen...most importantly, seeing my Self.
Allowing myself to let go, really let go and, playful, really Laugh, through me, to allow myself to be vulnerable, to allow myself to feel Safe enough to Be myself."

~ Cynthia

This ability to let my fears just go away

"I have used everything that you have been teaching me and helping me to remember about myself again. 
I have felt so much peace, where I used to feel fear about every situation. Now I feel like God has gifted me the ability to allow fears to just pass in front of me and just keep going.
In the past I was putting SO much effort into trying. This change didn't even come gradually, it came all at once. 
I realized that I was gifted with this ability to let my fears just go away. And I am just so grateful cause you were the one that help me to do that and I know that God lead me to you. 
I just really want you to know that you help so so many people, and you helped me so dramatically, so thank you!"

~ Michaela 

This mastermind is for the woman that wants to learn how to have an impact, using her feminine powers instead of the traditional hustling mentality.

The woman who is ready to start a new business venture.

The aspiring healer or health coach. 

The woman who has a health or healing business that wants to make a bigger impact.

The woman that wants to manifest vitality, abundance and success with ease.

The woman that is ready to embody her self healing powers.

What we will be covering in the workshops inside or this year long mastermind:

January: Feminine goal setting and business planning.
February: Taking action from love instead of fear.
March: Manifesting abundance from flow, not forcing it.
April: Expanding time and living from a place of limitlessness.
May: Listening to your intuition and inner voice.
June: Using the energy of mother nature to manifest.
July: Owning your value and worthiness so that you can receive.
Aug: Clearing away the blocks to creating money and success.
Sept: Creative aligned action taking for the passionate women.
Oct: Healing yourself so that you can shine online.
Nov: Using stillness to accelerate your productivity.
Dec: Celebrating your innate value so that you can receive more!

What to expect as a result of joining now!

Instant access to more clarity and confidence as a result of investing in yourself.

The tools and strategy you need to make money doing what you love.

An energetic connection to more abundance and self love.

The feeling of being worthy and knowing your value.

The certainty to put your work out into the world in a bigger way and make an impact.

The ability to refill your cup giving you endless energy and passion.

The ability to open up to more fun, pleasure and etherial magic than ever before!

All of this is available to you now!

You were born to share this message that is burning inside of you.

There is so much that you could accomplish if you were not so scared.

Your work could help so many people, if you didn't allow the stress to cripple you.

Stop holding back and start living to your fullest potential.

Start putting your work out into the world so that we can shift the consciousness of the planet.

I see you shining !!

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