This all inclusive coaching package is for the woman...
Who is ready to embody and actualize the inner and outer freedom she is craving!

Bring your vision in to fruition following a six step process that eliminates self sabotage, procrastination and blocks!

Feel deeply supported by a group mastermind and one-on-one coaching container

Discover how to create a tangible freedom strategy, built by your unique desires

Know how to bring your nervous system and your subconscious mind into alignment with this new reality that you are creating 

Learn the skill of BELIEVING that your ulimate freedom IS possible

Imagine a 6 month portal that opens you up to the limitless possibilities by washing away all of your uncertainty.

Imagine feeling totally supported, so you are not building your dream alone.

A community of beautiful like minded woman, who are fearlessly rising up and claiming their authentic truth

Being guided by someone who has already created, location, time, finacial and mermaid freedom in her life!

Imagine going against all odds and building an unconventional life full of freedom.

There is this burning desire inside of you break free from mainstream society. However you still have thoughts like:

"I am not there yet, I have more work to do."
"What will others think?"
"What if I fail, what if I lose everything."
"I don't have the confidence I need, I don't trust myself."
"I lack the clarity and I feel so unfocused."
"I feel like a deer in the headlights, not sure how to do this."

Which hold you back from living to your fullest expression.

These thoughts are not your truth!

You are meant to live a life of joy, in love with your body 
and connected to your vision.

Hi my name is Kate!

I am on a mission to guide women into their truth, so that they can finally feel confident, clear and fully trust themselves.

I am dedicated to being an example of a freedom based lifestyle and living my authentic truth, even when it is uncomfortable or feels impossible.

I have learned how to tap into this magic through a long journey that included, total lack of clarity and fear of failure (for like 15 years).  

I have battled feeling so much self doubt, anxiety that kept me up at night and depression that made it feel impossible to get up in the morning.  

I have set myself free to live in only sunny or tropical locations year round having complete financial and location freedom.

I have learned how receive and create abundance only doing what I love.  

I went from a place of feeling so overwhelmed, exhausted and hopeless... 

To living an incredible freedom based lifestyle, feeling completely supported by my business, my relationships and this life that I conciously created.

I am living as a digital nomad, working from the beach, being out in nature every day.  With the freedom to travel to spending time with the people I love most when ever I desire!

My reality is 100% on my terms, I create my schedule and live in a state of limitless possibilities.
This is available to you too goddess!

I know that no matter what you are going through, what feels scary or even impossible; you can transcend these feelings and create freedom! 

When you sign up for CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM, you will receive:

The QUANTUM OCEANS questionnair so we can deep dive into your limiting beliefs and start reprogramming your subconcious mind

The CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM workbook to guide you through the 6 month process 

6 Monthly Structured Zoom Masterminds to cover the 6 essental steps to freedom and share our unique awarenesses 

6 Monthly Private Coaching calls to go deeper (7 if you enroll before March 25)

6 customized Quantum Oceans Audios (7 if you enroll before March 25)

Quantum oceans workbook to help you embody new beliefs about Freedom 


SHINE ONLINE online business building training portal with over 40 hours of pre recored freedom based business trainings

Weekly Zoom Connection workshops where you can connect live and ask all of your questions 

The price is going up on March 21st

When you join before March 25th you receive a bonus call and a bonus audio 

This is your chance to let go of the fear that has been holding you back.

This is your chance to make money doing what you deeply love doing!

This is your chance to change the way you think and feel forever.

This is your chance to step into your true authentic and powerful self.

This is your chance to wake up every morning with a purpose and limitless energy bursting inside of you!

This is your chance to embody your gifts and do what you were called to do on this planet!

This is what some of my VIP clients had to say about working with me!


While we create a clear step by step stratagy to help you cultivate inner and outer freedom 

To support you in moving through the self sabotage and blocks that have been keeping you stuck, by reporgraming your subconscious mind

To creat custom audios to help you dive into deep relaxation and disolve the fear that is haunting you

This is your chance to launch your freedom vision from a place of flow.

Break all the rules and create your own.

Listen to your heart and find success and fulfillment. 

Imagine what is possible!!

Join CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM now before the price increases on March 21st!

Kate brought out my joy!

"Kate helped bring out my Joy, my happiness, my innate Laughter that I have in Me, that is in there, deep and abiding. I REALLY Love to Laugh and I mean the "deep belly' laughter! She REALLY made me Laugh!
I actually saw my Self for the 1st time, without judgment, 
It is/was the 1st time I wasn't really looking at my "flaws" 
I Spirit
The most powerful part was dealing with ALL fears that came up around my physicality, to going with my intuition, allowing myself be Seen...most importantly, seeing my Self.
Allowing myself to let go, really let go and, playful, really Laugh, through me, to allow myself to be vulnerable, to allow myself to feel Safe enough to Be myself."

~ Cynthia

How Much My Life Has Changed

"I was just thinking of how much my life has changed since I was in Poland and I didn't know what I was doing...

To like now, creating this life in Miami, and I just really want to really thank you ... since we have been working one on one ... my life has shifted so much!
So I am just so full of gratitude and thank you!

Thank you for your beautiful energy and presence in my life and inspiring me and so many other people by showing us what's possible.

Ya riding the high vibe train!

~ Sonia

This experience is for the woman that wants to learn how to set her self free, using her feminine powers instead of the traditional hustling mentality.

The woman who is ready to transform her inner dialogue

The woman who is ready to show up for her freedom every day

The woman that wants to manifest vitality, abundance and success with ease.

The woman that is ready to embody her authentic truth

What to expect as a result of joining now!

A powerful support system to help you create a customized plan to help you achive inner and outer freedom in 6 months

Limitless access to Kate, inside telegram every day, weekly zoom trainings, monthly mastermind connections and monthly private coaching

Instant access to more clarity and confidence as a result of investing in yourself.

The tools and strategy you need to make your desires a reality

An energetic connection to more abundance and self love.

The feeling of being worthy and knowing your value.

The certainty to take action, despite what others think.

The ability to refill your cup giving you endless energy and passion.

A new confidence knowing that you can access freedom effortlessly every single day.

The ability to open up to more fun, pleasure and ethereal magic than ever before!

All of this is available to you now!

You were born to be wild and fee

 That is burning desire inside of you, is not disapearing

Stop holding back and start living to your fullest potential.

Start living your authentic truth, so that we can shift the consciousness of the planet.

I see you shining !!

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