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Kate in Paradise
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You are in the right place, if you want to learn how to heal your body & emotions with food, while inspiring others to live a holistic sustainable lifestyle? 

The secret to living your purpose with confidence & clarity, starts inside of you. 
Your thoughts, your habits & the food you eat determines who you are! 

It Took A Decade to START!
Getting started is the scariest part!

Trust me I know, it took me almost a decade to bring my work into the world.

I have always had a deep longing to make a difference on this planet, to heal the pain and the sickness that is all around us. This desire was born in me as a little girl.

I knew that when I grew up, I would do something that would have a lasting impact in peoples lives.

I did not know how I would start though, it seemed so far off in the future.

I wanted to travel and see the world first, I escaped to Europe to study horses.

After graduating with an Honors BSc in Business Management and Equine Therapy in the UK, I had so many business and healing ideas.

I had fallen in love with the study of nutrition and natural healing while in school. I wanted to help people and change the world.

This would have been a perfect time to take what I had learned on my own and at university and to start a business… but I knew that a brick and mortar business was not for me, I was a free spirit who needed to fly.

I wanted to create an on line business... but it felt so scary to put myself out there online as an expert or a leader, I lacked the confidence. 

I felt overwhelmed and afraid of failure. 

I lacked the clarity and confidence to get started. I was not sure what my unique healing purpose was on this planet?

My father had been diagnosed with brain cancer and I wanted to heal him. I believed he could beat the cancer naturally. He did not have the energy or motivation to focus on a nutritional path of healing and his health continued to decline.

I had an opportunity to collaborate with a photographer who wanted to create an on line business. Here was my chance to create an online business that would have a positive impact. I worked tirelessly creating empowering photo shoots for young woman… but darkness crept into the lives of my business partners and after one year and very little profits the company dissolved.

My confidence was at an all time low, at 25 my first business had failed and my father was dying of brain cancer and I could not heal him.

I ran away to Hawaii to soul search, to find my Paradise.

I had this weight on my heart to serve, to heal to change the world for good, but the responsibility of this vision was too big too heavy and I shrank away.
It was easier to hide on the sandy beaches, behind tropical waterfalls and in the lush green jungles of Kauai. I had no savings and just enough money to get by.  

Even though I had been a part of a photography company, I still never liked photos of myself. I was always trying to be someone else in my images. I did not know how to take beautiful authentic photos. 

In my heart I desired Freedom ~ freedom to travel, financial freedom, the freedom to follow my souls purpose. I knew I could find this freedom in an on line business.

I had so many reasons why I couldn’t get started yet …

I didn’t know what my heart truly desired, what was my purpose?
I didn’t have professional photos to launch an online business
I didn't know how to make money on line.
I lacked clarity around what my message was.
I didn’t have enough experience or qualifications to teach others.
Even though I had traveled to 19 countries outside the US, practiced yoga for years (this was before yoga was even popular), had healed my relationship with my body through food and mind set, learned to grow and prepare my own healthy organic food...

…yet I still did not feel that I was qualified or that any one would take me seriously.

So I kept hiding!  

I did not START my on-line business.  

I hid from how I really felt inside.

I avoided the longing to do more. I kept myself busy practicing yoga reading about nutrition, exploring the island. I grew and harvested medicinal plants, organic fruits and vegetables, made raw chocolate and ate freshly caught tropical fish. I worked in the tourism industry selling out door activities and waiting on tables, just barley making enough to pay my bills.

The calling to find my hearts desire and to make money while making a difference on-line still burned inside of me.

In 2008 I followed this desire and finally bought the url the first step in my dream to have an online business that would heal woman around the world.

I started to form a vision … but I still did not start.

I lacked the confidence to put myself out there and self promote online. 

Who was I to be a coach or a healer?

What would I say or share?

How would I reach people online with out some decent photos?

Who would listen to a struggling beach bum in Hawaii?

Who could I really help?

In 2011 I finally mustered up the courage to write my first blog post and posted it to my website. I called it True Beauty. I had started, not a business but at least an on-line presence.

74410_492861413645_7717105_nIt took me almost two more years to START my business, working at night clubs and restaurants to pay the bills at my sky rise studio apartment in Waikiki.  

My father passed after a 12 year struggle with brain cancer.  

I was reminded of how delicate life is and how many people in the world need healing. If I don't start now, my life will pass me by. 

I continued writing my blog and got certified as a yoga teacher, a whole health educator and a coach. It was not until I had numerous qualifications and had taken thousands of selfie photos that I built up the courage to feel credible enough to actually open up the doors of Kate in Paradise as a business.

My first year in business I only received one client.

Why was this process of getting started so hard?

Because I did not have support.

I didn’t know anyone who had connected to their desires, passions and purpose and turned it into an online business that would have a positive healing impact on the planet.

I had to create something new that had never been done before and I did not have any guidance.

I had no one to guide me in taking authentic beautiful photos that I could post in my marketing.

I lacked to confidence to start and move forward.

IMG_4330I finally got a coach in 2012 and for the first time in my life connected to the confidence found in my Inner Beauty through her support. I spend thousands of dollars on one-on-one coaching with her and attended one of her retreats in France.

However, she did not have an online business, she could not teach me how to put my newfound message on-line in the way that I wanted to.

I didn’t have anyone to mentor me in this scary on-line business world of self-promotion.

I had to do it alone, with no support.

That first year in my business I experienced:

Judgment from family and close friends
Criticism around my photos, content and my posts
Negative comments on social media
Lack of clarity around how to say what did as a coach
Loss of confidence around my messaging and purpose
I realized I could not do this alone. I finally invested in a business coach when I was almost one year into my half started vision.

I had to borrow money from my mom to pay for the $5000 three month business coaching program. Finally I was able to find clarity with her support. While coaching with her, I stepped into my confidence and my unique authentic voice on-line..

After almost 10 years of trial and error I mastered the science behind the perfect authentic selfie. Now I know how to shine my Inner Beauty in my photos!

I allowed getting started to take years and years because I did not know a coach or mentor that could have guided and supported me on this journey.

I couldn’t get started because I thought I had to do it alone.

Since starting receiving support in my business I have been able to travel. I have taken my business across the US to Florida and California many times, to Europe and Japan. I have been able to invest in high level mentoring and coaching.

Now I have the confidence and courage to over come the fear that used to cripple me.

Over the last two years I have learned even more about how to successfully bring your healing work on-line to create a life of freedom.

I do not want you to suffer like I did.. to spend years in uncertainty before you can finally step into your purpose and your message.

I am here to share that starting your on line healing coaching business can be the hardest thing you have ever done... but with support it can start to feel fun and effortless.

When you allow yourself to be supported by a coach who has done what you want to do and created something out of nothing, you make the impossible possible!

Just like in acro yoga when you see a beautiful movement and think that is so far away and so impossible. Then an experienced acro partner walks you through the movement and you realize the impossible can become effortless when you have support.

Allow an experienced guide to show you how easy it can be to start your on-line vision and take beautiful authentic photos for your business.

I have a powerful group training to support you in building the confidence and clarity to get started with your on-line healing business, apply Right Now!

This training is for you if:

You want to look beautiful and authentic in photos.
You want to make money living your life purpose
You feel like you are not qualified enough to help anyone.
You desire to have the freedom of an on line business but don’t know where to start

You are afraid of self-promotion, what your family will think and or negative social media posts
You know as an on line business owner you require to be visible, but posting photos and videos of yourself sounds awful.
You lack clarity around how you can help and serve other through your business.
You need support creating an on-line business that is an authentic beautiful expression of your souls purpose.
This intimate group training will give you the confidence and clarity to launch your on line vision with photos!

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Stop waiting, the world needs the message that is hiding inside of you.

It is time to START and shine your Inner Beauty, I can’t wait to support you!

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